So, we have been using Windows 10 for a few weeks, is it OK? I have been reasonably impressed with the new update. It appears stable, (although there have been quite a few updates released since the launch at the end of July), implying that Microsoft have had to fix quite a few bugs (Sorry – security updates!!)

Things to Consider Before Upgrading to WIndows 10

This is one update that is very optional, which means you don’t have to take it, just because Microsoft is giving it huge publicity at the moment. I know many people stuck it out with Windows XP even until Windows 8.1 came out and beyond, just because it is adequate for their needs and they see no need to upgrade. It all depends on what you use your PC for. Here are a few things to consider:

1. What do you use your PC for?

If you are using your PC just for emails and social media, and Internet Browsing, then upgrading to Windows 10 is not likely to be of much benefit to you, as there will be very little that is different in the way you do things. If however, you use many of the Windows features such as file management, OneDrive etc., and you want to make use of the built-in or add-on Apps that will be available, the Windows 10 could be of benefit.

2. Will your PC be powerful enough to run Windows 10?

If you are already running Windows 8/8.1, the chances are that your PC will be OK. If your PC is older than 2 or 3 years and/or you are running Windows XP/Vista/7 then you need to check its compatibility. Part of the process for reservation of the Windows 10 update, is a check of compatibility, and they will let you know if your PC is not able to be upgraded. Here is a link to the Microsoft website that defines system requirements for WIndows 10 – This page also provides lots of useful information regarding the ‘side-effects’ of upgrading to Windows 10, such as the fact that Windows Media Center is no longer supported, although a DVD Player App is provided.

3. Do you have any non-standard additional Hardware?

If you have certain special hardware, for example, special Audio equipment, older printers etc., they may not be supported on Windows 10, or there may be a delay until the supplier gets around to providing updated drivers for them. Again, the Windows 10 Update service will provide a report that gives guidance on this, so it is important that you have these devices connected when you go through the Windows 10 compatibility checks.

What About ‘Edge’ – the new ‘Internet Explorer?

Microsoft have released Edge at the same time as Windows 10, saying it is a new generation of Internet Browsers, providing lots of new features that help the Browsing experience. Personally, I am not all that impressed with it, but I am not going to use this post as a full review of Edge – maybe later, or maybe others will comment on this post about it!

So, I think overall Windows 10 has had a successful release, and most people who have reviewed it are positive. If you want to update to Windows 10 but need some help, why not have a look at my website, Net Surfers Academy, and get in contact for some more specific guidance?