Here are some articles about ways that you can keep your computer safe. If you are not sure how to apply the techniques described, please complete the Enquiry form and we’ll come and help you out!

  • Backup Your Data

    Ever had your computer crash on you , and you wish that you had done a backup of your important data that is now irretrievable? Have you ever had any sort of disaster with your computer that [...]
  • Creating Strong Passwords

    Here's some advice about creating strong passwords. Passwords that are strong enough to resist hacking by unauthorised people yet easy enough to remember are an essential part of your computer [...]
  • Anti-Virus software, Firewalls and stuff…

    What Are Anti Virus Software, Anti Spyware Software & Computer Firewalls & What Can They Do For You? Now that most people use the internet these days, it is a very good idea to make [...]
  • 6 Tips for good PC Housekeeping

    Here's some advice about computer housekeeping! 6 jobs to do regularly to keep your computer in top shape: Empty your 'Recycle Bin' - When you delete a file, it does not disappear permanently [...]


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