When you have been using your computer for a long time, a lot of ‘computer debris’ gets deposited in your computer’s disk. Some of this is useful, some of it slows your computer performance, and some of this debris is downright dangerous, such as Spyware and Adware! Also, if you haven’t set up your security options properly, your system could be open to hackers to steal your personal information! A free Health check for your computer can be useful to identify and remove Spyware, Adware and other computer debris that is non-productive, to ensure your computer is secure against hackers and bring your computer back to the peak of health.

What does our Free PC Healthcheck include?

The free computer Health check that we can do for you includes checks on a number of different aspects of your computer security and performance. Here is a list of typical basic PC health check questions and sources of more information and related products are given below:

PC Healthcheck Question

More information available …..

Is your anti-virus software properly installed and is the virus data up to date? What Are Anti Virus Software, Anti Spyware Software & Computer Firewalls & What Can They Do For You?
Is your Windows Firewall installed and running – especially important if you are running a wireless network?
Do you have anti Spyware/Adware software installed and running?
Do you regularly backup important data? More information on data security here…
Do you regularly cleanup your main disk of all temporary files and other unwanted files, as well as checking for/dealing with registry corruption? Here are 6 tips about good computer housekeeping
If you have several people using your computer, do you have password-protected user accounts? Read here about how to create safe passwords for both local use and when shopping online…..
Do you have automatic updates set up for your operating system software, so that security patches are updated automatically?Have you checked your Internet Browser security settings to ensure you are properly protected against spyware, adware and pop-ups? Most malicious software exploits security flaws in the Operating System. If you use Microsoft’s Windows Operating System then you should make sure that you regularly get updates from Microsoft as they are made available. Check your Operating System Help files for information on how to set your system to automatically check for updates and get them downloaded and installed.
 All these Health check questions can be used as a free checklist to ensure that your PC runs as productively as possible. A PC Health check can be performed by the individual user, or if you are not sure about this, we can do the checks for you. We have access to a large number of software tools  to support PC Health checks, some of which are free , while others may require a small charge. Anti-virus programs, Spyware and Adware removal software and Registry Cleaners are all excellent PC Health remedies. The health of your PC is important, so a PC Health check is a simple operation that should be done regularly.