Computer Training

Community IT Services provides computer training an various forms. Below we list some of the training methods that are available to you…

What type of computer training is best?‌

  ‌Personal, One-to-one Training

We believe that personal, one-to-one computer training is best. We can do the training in the learner’s own home, using the computer they are familiar with, and at their own pace, with time to ask questions when required

‌  IT Training in a Group

Some people prefer to take a group computer training class. This is good as it may be more structured that personal training, and may lead to a recognised qualification which could help with employment. However, sometimes a group class can’t take into account the different skill levels of the students, and the pace may be too fast (or too slow!) for some of them, leading to a loss of motivation

‌‌‌  Personal Coaching

Very similar to one-to-one training, personal coaching can be employed, but not necessarily in the student’s home. Coaching can be done in a number of ways, by simple availability for answering questions via email, by personal guidance through structured lessons, with marking of assignments if required, or by wider group coaching. All these techniques have their benefits and disadvantages, but here you are making use of the expertise of the coach in just a personal way as if they were at home with you giving you personal tuition.

Community IT Services provides IT training to individuals in their homes, and to groups as requested. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we can help you move forward!

[NOTE: Personal Computer Training is only available from us in the West Midlands region of the UK. If you are outside this region, why not have a look at our online training resources, by clicking on the link below?]



‌ Online Training – Books or Videos

There are a huge selection of videos and books available to teach people about computers and technology (and just about any other subject!!). Videos and books are great to enable the student to be able to go back over a topic until they understand, and may be useful in demonstrating particular operations that the student can then practice. Trouble is, there are so many videos and books on the market, how do you know which is best? There are also lots of ‘reviews’ of training material available on-line, but how do you trust what is said about a particular product? Community IT Services have selected a range of online training resources that we think are great for training, whether you are beginners or advanced.