You might often see messages or other references to ‘Windows Update’. The Windows Operating system is a very complex software program, consisting of millions of lines of code, and the developers don’t always get it perfect first time, and they want to add new features! When they find some issues to be resolved, it may be security issues, usability issues or something else, the developers issue a Fix to correct the problem(s). In order for all PCs to get this Fix as soon as possible, the Developers transfer a file to your PC at regular intervals, that contains one or more fixes, or Updates, to the Operating System.

The default process for receiving updates is that your PC will ask the system if there are any updates to be processed, usually when the PC is not doing anything else at the time. If there are updates to be downloaded, the PC will automatically do this for you, and you may get a message to say that ‘Updates are available’, or the PC may install them automatically at a fixed time during the day or night. This process is less visible to users in Windows 10 than in previous releases, so it may happen without you noticing at all, except for major updates.

However, if you only use your PC occasionally, it may spend some time checking and installing updates as soon as you switch it on, causing the PC to run slowly for a while until all the updates are completed. It may be worth switchin on your PC say, once per week, just to allow the updates to be installed, even if you don’t want to use it for anything else at the time.
Other software suppliers also have a similar system to keep their software up to date, so watch out for any messages that are associated with Updates, and make sure they are installed as soon as possible.

Sometimes, about twice per year at present, Microsoft will announce that they are going to roll out a Major Update. These are usually reserved for introducing new features into the software, althouigh they will usually include some bug fixes as well. The process for installing these updates is the same as for smaller updates, but will usually take a lot longer to install. The last major update was called the ‘Creator’s Update’ and included some new features regarding graphic design and other related features. It is usually a personal choice when/whether to install this type of update, although it is recommended that all users keep up to date as much as possible.

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