Beginner Training Guides

We have obtained permission from Digital Unite to provide access to 400+ training guides, providing simple, step-by-step guides on a huge range of topics that will help you with your computer. Have a look below and click on the category pictures to find out more…

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Computer Basics

Email & Video Communication

Creating Documents

Digital Photography

Using The Internet

SmartPhones & Tablets

Social Networking & Blogs

 Hobbies & Interests

Internet Security

Shopping & Banking

Music & Audio

TV & Video

There are a lot of guides in the above set, about 400! You are welcome to browse the above links and find your way around yourself, but if you would like some help finding your way around these guides, complete the form here and we will send you a set of emails that give links to the guides, but in a structured series.

Used with permission from Digital Unite

Digital Unite