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There is a ton of training resources out there on the web, isn’t there? Whether you find it on You Tube, Amazon, Social Media or other sites, it is difficult to know whether:

  • The training is easy to understand and appropriate for the level of experience described
  • The training is accurate and reliable
  • The training is good value for money
  • The training is up to date with the latest releases of software

Here at The Net Surfers Academy, we will be carefully selecting computer training resources, for users of all levels, that meets all the above requirements, so look no further! All our courses have the following features:

  • Either a series of individual lessons, or a digital book which breaks down the subject into a series of steps
  • Some courses contain a number of video-based lessons
  • Look out for additional extras such as workbooks, Process Maps, quick-start checklists and other goodies!

Don’t just try and follow those free training videos on shared video sites, become a member of The Net Surfers Academy and learn properly from the experts!

We will have training courses available for Internet Marketers and Web Designers, and we are preparing some excellent training resources for complete beginners too!

This site is still under development, but our latest training courses are as shown below, please click on the icons for more details. Enjoy!


Do you just want to know the basics about using computers more effectively? Join Netsurfers Academy and we will take you through the basics!

Wordpress Web Design

WordPress is the most used Content Management System for Websites in the world, and website design using WordPress is straightforward provided you understand the basic design conecpts. These courses take you through the basics of WordPress design so you will be expert before you know it!

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a huge subject, and there are many courses around for training in these topics. Join NetSurfers Academy to structure your training so that you can market your online business like an expert!

Easy As 1…2…3…

We use Video lessons along with additional notes and guidance, try one of our courses and see what its like for free! 

Free Courses

Each topic will have one free lesson for you to try to see what it is like.

Premium Courses

Become a member and be able to view all the courses for your topic and learn!

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