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  • Still on WIndows 7 or 8?

    All computers need some software that acts as the overall controller of all the activities going on - interpreting the keyboard/mouse instructions, controlling what is displayed on the screen, keeping track of what programs are running and controlling the internet connection etc. This piece of software is a huge program called an 'Operating System'. PCs built with Microsoft software (not [...]
  • What type of IT training is best?

    What type of computer training is best?  Personal, One-to-one Training We believe that personal, one-to-one computer training is best. We can do the training in the learner’s own home, using the computer they are familiar with, and at their own pace, with time to ask questions when required.  IT Training in a Group Some people prefer to take a group computer training class. [...]
  • What do I do with Windows Updates?

    You might often see messages or other references to 'Windows Update'. The Windows Operating system is a very complex software program, consisting of millions of lines of code, and the developers don't always get it perfect first time, and they want to add new features! When they find some issues to be resolved, it may be security issues, usability issues or something else, the developers [...]
  • Backup Your Data

    Ever had your computer crash on you , and you wish that you had done a backup of your important data that is now irretrievable? Have you ever had any sort of disaster with your computer that means that those photos from a once-in-a-lifetime holiday are now gone for ever, because you did not have a data backup policy? Find out here how to make sure that your data is always secure! If you have [...]
  • Creating Strong Passwords

    Here's some advice about creating strong passwords. Passwords that are strong enough to resist hacking by unauthorised people yet easy enough to remember are an essential part of your computer security, whether for use on a local computer that is used by several people, or when logging in to a banking or shopping site on the Internet. When thinking about passwords, the tendency is to find a [...]
  • Anti-Virus software, Firewalls and stuff…

    What Are Anti Virus Software, Anti Spyware Software & Computer Firewalls & What Can They Do For You? Now that most people use the internet these days, it is a very good idea to make sure that you have good quality computer security software installed and protecting your computer. Anti virus software, anti spyware software and having a hardware or software firewall are now [...]
  • 6 Tips for good PC Housekeeping

    Here's some advice about computer housekeeping! 6 jobs to do regularly to keep your computer in top shape: Empty your 'Recycle Bin' - When you delete a file, it does not disappear permanently into cyberspace, it stays on your disk in the 'Recycle Bin', just in case you deleted it by mistake. At least once a week, you should empty your Recycle Bin completely, to ensure that it does not get [...]
  • Protect your website from the Hackers!

    Well, one of my websites was hacked last week, just before the story broke about Talktalk, so I thought I would just document my experience and let people know the lessons I learned about website security. I have been doing a lot of editing on the site that was affected (Not this one), and I first noticed there may be a problem, when it was taking ages for any of my edits to be saved, and it [...]
  • All You Need To Know About Blog Hosts

    Apart from the chat rooms, instant messengers and electronic mails created for communication and dialogue beyond turf are the emerging innovations that help man build opportunities for interaction. The need for a personalized and human face aspect of building online communities is slowly changing the technological landscape of the Internet. Blogs / “weblogs” or blogging are the gift of [...]
  • More About Windows 10

    So, we have been using Windows 10 for a few weeks, is it OK? I have been reasonably impressed with the new update. It appears stable, (although there have been quite a few updates released since the launch at the end of July), implying that Microsoft have had to fix quite a few bugs (Sorry - security updates!!) Things to Consider Before Updgrading to WIndows 10 This is one update that is very [...]

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